Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update: TVP bolognese

Earlier in this blog I posted a recipe for vegetarian bolognese sauce.
In that post I mentioned that I would experiment with making the sauce with TVP  (a soy based meat replacement) and report back.

I made the sauce yesterday using Bob Red Mill's TVP, which is both vegan and gluten free. I placed 1 cup of dry TVP into a bowl, then added 1 cup of boiling water. Because TVP can be a little bland, I seasoned it with 2 tsp of vegetarian organic bullion powder (but you can choose other seasoning). I then left it to soak for about 10 minutes.

When making the sauce, I fried a bit of onion and garlic in oil and then added the TVP and a few dashes of Tamari sauce (soy sauce will work as well), and then prepared the rest of the recipe as I posted it.

I found the TVP had a satisfying texture and although it needed a bit of help with the seasoning, was also quite tasty. So if you're looking for another meat alternative in this sauce, TVP may well do the trick.

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