Monday, October 18, 2010

What this is all about...

Take a (somewhat picky) vegetarian foodie with a penchant for collecting cookbooks and a mild addiction to to the Food Network. Add a spouse who is a meat eater and not a fan of the cooked vegetable (although also not one of those hardened carnivore who won't look at a plate if it doesn't have steak on it). Then, just to make things interesting, diagnose said spouse with celiac disease (an intolerance to gluten).

What do you get?  Well, a bit of a cooking challenge.

But then, what foodie doesn't love a good challenge?

For a couple of years I was just figuring out how to cook in this new situation, but I've recently gotten back to trying new recipes and rediscovering my cookbook collection in depth. Now, after being inspired by recipes shared by Danny and Becca on their blog, I've decided to try my own hand at it.

The main point of this blog will be to share recipes that I've tried and enjoyed. Usually these will be recipes from cookbooks or websites (with full credit given, of course), but often with my own comments, corrections or suggestions. As I test out my cookbooks more thoroughly, I might even post some reviews of my faves. Stick around.

* Although our household is not veggie (see above re: spouse), all of the recipes on this blog are vegetarian. Some recipes might also be vegan, in which case I'll try to tag them appropriately.

* Because most of our house is now GF, many of the recipes will also be gluten free, in which case I will clearly mark them as such. There will also be some recipes that can easily be made GF by making a few substitutions. Where possible, I will try to suggest appropriate ones.